"The first time our eyes met..."

It was visceral. A cleaving to the bone.
A spell Kara and I had both been under, broke. It was a profound moment for us.

"I called out to heaven for a sign in the clouds..."

Kara didn’t know she could sing until after we married and she was meeting my dad for the first time.
He greeted her with a guitar in hand and commanded her to sit down and sing with him. She was terrified.
They ended up in a fight over whether or not she could sing.

"I’ve looked into soldier’s eyes whose souls have come undone..."

When Dave’s dad emailed us the first draft of How To Fly, Dave picked up his guitar.
It was like we had always known the melody. Shivers ran through us.


"Tell Me Boy, can I touch your face? Do you have a name? Did I search in vain?"

I never imagined my commitment to writing and Dave would merge into the wild, beautiful world of music.

"You say you believe, you say your bird is free..."

So why not write a novel in Sarajevo? Why not start a chocolate company? Why not fly Three Hundred And Sixty Degrees ?  
I experience a freedom in singing and songwriting I’ve never quite experienced as a traditional writer or entrepreneur.

"Ridin’ round, riding down the Fish Train…"

Joshua Tree. The Grand Tetons. New York City. We’ve traveled to some pretty sweet places.
But when the Fish Train came along, Kara and I jumped on. We always want to be traveling by the Fish Train.

"Easy, take it easy. It’s so easy, slow and easy..."


"We’ll stack all the pancakes and slide down their sides, we’ll dive in the ocean and wave high fives…"

Kara and I never intended to make an album. We just started writing music that made us laugh or feel good.
Even our darkest songs ride the upbeat and hold onto a positive feel.

"I don’t gotta follow misery. I sure as hell don’t gotta answer its call..."

Known as one of the Unreal Gods with cult favorite Billy Rancher, a prolific music writer and producer
for top ad agencies and brands in the U.S., and an inductee into Oregon’s Music Hall of Fame,
Dave’s knack for original sound catalyzed our Sun Is Out debut album.

"I kissed the sun, I kissed the knife, I searched for you all my life..."

I designed, built and co-founded Kung Fu Bakery Recording Studio in Portland, OR.,
where nominated and grammy award winning artists have recorded.
The irony is Kara and I started recording together after I sold Kung Fu.

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